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Dips and Spreads


Authentic Hummos

Our thick and creamy Authentic Hummos offers all the delicious richness you crave, but without the guilt.
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This smoky eggplant dip is a an essential part of a Mediterranean feast. Perfect for spreading onto sandwiches!
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image of hummos

Black Olive Hummos

Our authentic blend with a little twist. Rich, creamy, and deliciously reminiscent of the Mediterranean.
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cilantro jalapeno hummos

Cilantro Jalapeno Hummos

Go south of the border with this flavorful blend, where Mexican meets Mediterranean in a burst of deliciousness.
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hot garlic fluff

Hot Garlic Fluff

Add a little bit of heat to your meal with our Hot Garlic Fluff, designed to satisfy spicy food lovers everywhere.
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hot hummos

Hot Hummos

This red-hot crowd pleaser comes with a kick. It's definitely a hot sauce lover's dream come true.
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olive garlic fluff

Olive Garlic Fluff

Mediterranean cooking got one step simpler when we tossed olives into our special cloud of garlicky goodness.
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original garlic fluff

Original Garlic Fluff

This versatile spread provides deep, rich flavor that will enhance any meal. And the best part? No garlic breath!
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Pine Nuts Hummos

A little bit of pine nuts goes a long way in perfecting the flavor of this tasty traditional recipe.
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red pepper hummos

Red Pepper Hummos

Red peppers bring joyful color and a new level of flavor in this creative blend of deliciously crafted goodness.
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smokehouse hummos

Smokehouse Hummos

A healthy alternative to barbecue sauce, our Smokehouse Hummos is a perfect complement to grilled meat or vegetables.
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thyme fluff

Thyme and Rosemary Garlic Fluff

This aromatic herbal fusion will have your taste buds in a frenzy and your food smelling heavenly.
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thyme hummos

Thyme Hummos

Dried thyme lends an aromatic quality that adds dimension and pairs perfectly with any Mediterranean dish.
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tuscan hummos

Tuscan Hummos

Let this basil and sun-dried tomato blend transport you to beautiful Italy without ever leaving the table.
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Wraps and Burritos

athena wrap

Athena Wrap

Go Greek with this hearty vegetarian wrap stuffed with brown rice, black beans, Jack and Feta Cheese.
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breakfast burrito

Breakfast Burrito

Wake up with our sunny veggie-based Breakfast Burrito, filled with meatless chorizo, potatoes, and cheese.
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burrito grande

Burrito Grande

This juicy burrito is bursting to the rim with the best vegetarian ingredients that Mexican cuisine has to offer.
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bean and cheese burrito

Classic Bean & Cheese Burrito

Keep it classic with this vegetarian treat featuring spiced pinto beans, Mexican cheeses and fresh salsa.
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colorado wrap

Colorado Wrap

Chili sauce gives this brown rice, pinto bean and cheese wrap mouthwatering flavor and a subtle kick.
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albacore tuna sandwich

Albacore Tuna Sandwich

Not your typical tuna sandwich, this delicious item is lightened up with veganaise and brightened up with ginger.
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avocado hummos

Avocado Hummos Sandwich

Every vegan’s dream come true, this sandwich is a creamy, deliciously satisfying meal that bursts with flavor.
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chicken salad sandwich

Chicken Salad Sandwich

Unexpected sunflower seeds add extra crunch and flavor to this veganaise-based chicken salad sandwich.
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roasted chicken sandwich

Roasted Chicken Sandwich

Our fluffy garlic spread is the perfect accompaniment to roasted chicken in this hearty and satisfying recipe.
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smoked turkey sandwich

Smoked Turkey Sandwich

Cheese, turkey, tomatoes, and lettuce between slices of whole wheat bread make this sandwich a wholesome choice.
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Bakery Items



Our vegan baklava is a low-fat and low-sugar version of this traditional crunchy, nutty, and flaky Mediterranean pastry.
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pita bread

Pita Bread

Our soft, fresh-baked pita bread is perfect for making sandwiches or toasting into pita chips. Comes in whole wheat or authentic white.
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